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This is our Super Duper BAD AZZ Tri-colored Champagne female BURKEBULLIES/REAL AMERICAN BULLIES CANDY CRUSH, she is from the WORLD FAMOUS PUSHA-T, The top Tri-Colored American Bully in the world and top ABKC producing of all time. Candy Crush is a very light Champagne color and has very strong tri-colored markings that get passed on to her puppies. Candy Crush is also the mother to our very own Tri-Face and Crayola!!!

We breed for temperament, smart dogs that can listen to commands and people who have bought them, have always taken pride in owning a pup from us, and of course, we breed for that special pal that will become a new family member.


Just look at this BAD ASS female, she is Crayola, she came out of the Candy Crush X Habanero breeding, her Champagne coat is flawless with those strong Tri markings. Right here she sports a beautiful Diamond chain from Crayola has a very short snout, very compact body and nice shoulders, believe me, she looks better than most males out there. 

This was our precious Joy. As you can see, she is a very nice looking female, she has an outstanding structure, and most of all has the sweetest personality we have ever seen. We are very and extremely proud of her. She was passed on to Lalo & Ale.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting our website, and please feel free to look at our dogs and Always remember to choose your puppy wisely, because that will be your faithful companion for the rest of your life and the rest of its too. You can send us an Email: REALPITS@YAHOO.COM or call us at (832) 512-1663. Once again Thank you very much and keep coming to see new breedings.

Order Online or CALL 1-800-474-7044 and USE THE CODE 72199 FOR HUGE SAVINGS!






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