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We bring you nothing but the very BEST thanks to Tomas from blasting bully camp for allowing the breed, This is KING TRI-FACE, he has that bloodline every looks for, he has the VENENO blood in him. Tri-Face is also the son of El Habanero and Candy Crush, you will be amazed when you see this boy in person, he has the biggest head you probably have ever seen on an American Bully. TRI-FACE is super short, with a very thick body, he eats reagular kibble, nothing fancy, he lets the great genetics do the talking. 

Tri-Face is Champagne Tri or as others may say Lilac Tri, he gets his great looks from his father El Habanero and the color from his mother, she has a very strong color in tri color dogs, the litter where Tri-Face came from was a full tri colored litter and all of them amazing pups. Tri-Face was made to bring you the best Quality pups in the market today, if you are looking for the perfect color or the perfect body, then look no further as he is also available for stud services.


Tomas from Blasting Bully Camp brings all the BEST in the small or may I say Super small Nano Bully, named El Jumex. Please feel free to look through all of his pictures and ask questions, this boy is Super nice, he is Worldwide known, look at all the people below who couldn't wait to take a picture with him.  Jumex has travelled the entire USA in search for bully shows and girlfriends, Jumex will add the Short Compact thick body to any program, just look at everyone holding him with one hand!!! The tiny Nano bully!!!.

Yes Sir! It's EL HABANERO Himself owned by Tomas Reyes from Blasting Bully Camp. This boy needs to be seen in person, he is as muscular as the Hulk and sports a HUGE head piece. I would say he has it all, he is Champagne color with a Huge white head, Habanero is the son of Redefined Bullys El Chili and Eminent's Baby Silk. 

We breed for temperment, smart dogs that can listen to commands and people who have bought them, have always taken pride in owning a pup from us, and of course, we breed for that special pal that will become a new family member.


Yes! It's KING KRYPTO. I have so many things to say about this boy that I dont even know where to start. This boy is blue with a white head, he is Short, Stocky, and Solid like a rock as you can see in the pictures, Krypto is pictured at 12 months old!!! Can you imagine what he grow up to look like??? Just like all of our dogs he has a huge head piece on himself, and his temperament is excellent. He is best seen in person as everyone that has seen him say Wow!!! I never seen anything like him!!! or OMG, He has a huge head and looks bad ass!!! He's one bad boy who who sports arms like Popeye and everytime we walk him down the street people always stop to see him and get surprised that he is like that naturally. Krypto might look scary, but he is one big baby, he loves going out for walks and meeting new friends and sports one of the biggest heads that I have ever seen in the Country! This boy is a son of Slash and Dynasty and a grandson to Monster Smackdown.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting our website, and please feel free to look at our dogs and Always remember to choose your puppy wisely, because that will be your faithful companion for the rest of your life and the rest of its too. You can send us an Email: REALPITS@YAHOO.COM or call us at (832) 512-1663. Once again Thank you very much and keep coming to see new breedings.

Order Online or CALL 1-800-474-7044 and USE THE CODE 72199 FOR HUGE SAVINGS!






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